Keeping Busy

I’ve been doing a quite a bit of reading this week.  I just finished up reading The Daily 5 by “The Sisters”.  What a great book!  It is going to completely change the literacy block in my fourth grade classroom this year.  One of the main things I picked up from this book is how to help the kiddos become independent, and how to increase their stamina for reading and writing.  All while letting them read and write about what they are interested in.  I also just downloaded a copy of The CAFE Book by the same authors.  At first I thought Daily 5 and CAFE were two separate things.  However, after asking a few questions of my twitter PLN, I’ve realized that they can be used together.  The Daily 5 is how to structure your literacy block, whereas The CAFE Book is about structures to teach comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary.  I plan on reading this and then decide what changes I will need to make to modify my literacy block for the upcoming year.

I have also begun reading The Passion Driven Classroom.  What a true gem!  I cannot put this book down.  It is changing the way I think about the learners that I teach.  I’m looking forward to finishing this one over the next week or so.  I’ll let you know what I learn in another post.

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